About Us






Established in 2014, Alternative Horse Health is a non-profit organization aimed at providing information to horse owners on natural approaches to horse health, horse allergies and wellbeing. The topics included on this site range from nutrition to injury to alternative horse therapies!  

We believe there is value in both veterinary and alternative approaches to horse care. Whilst vets have access to some excellent diagnostic techniques and powerful drugs - smaller firms are often the generators of new nutrition and therapeutic approaches. Many of the ideas are based on sound science and some even using techniques that are way ahead of the scientists! But sadly, often get overlooked... 



This site hopes to create a medium for these alternative ideas to be presented to the world. Many people will prefer to stick to the scientifically proven approach - if you are one of those, this site is not for you. However, if you are keen to explore alternatives or you have alternative approaches you believe would be of interest to others, then this site is for you.

We have limited resources but your input is encouraged so please contact the site administrators by filling in our 'contact us' form.