Boredom Breakers


It is getting to that time of year again where it is getting colder and the horses are coming in at night. Some horses do not enjoy being stabled so I thought I would give you an idea of some of the boredom breakers that are available to keep your horse more entertained when they have to start staying in.



o   Likit 650g (£2.99)


o   Uncle Jimmy’s Licky Thing (£4.29)


Treat Balls

o   Uncle Jimmy’s Hanngin’ Balls (£15.79)

o   Stubbs Horsey Ball (£17.99)

o   Equine Decahedron (£19.99)


o   Likit Snak Ball (£25.99)


Stable Toys

o   Horse Play/Stable Ball (£8.99)

o   Horsemen’s Pride Jolly Apple (£22.99)

o   Horsemen’s Pride Jolly Ball (£22.99)

o   Likit Boredom Breaker (£25.99)


o   Amigo Acrylic Stable Mirror (£24.00)

o   Requisite Acrylic Stable Mirror (£25.99)

Do it yourself

o   Swede on a string

o   Apples or carrots in water buckets

If you have any other ideas on how to keep your horse entertained please let us know through our Facebook page