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Horse allergies


Horse allergies

You have probably always been told that horse allergies are an over-reaction of the immune system. Vets almost always treat allergies with drugs like steroids and anti-histamines that knock the immune system out. The symptoms of the allergy go away because the body’s natural reaction (honed over millions of years of evolution) has been knocked out. This reinforces the concept that the allergy was an over-reaction. But is it?

Almost every non-veterinary treatment for allergies (herbal or nutritional) supports normal immune function. There are a lot more “alternative therapies for allergies than there are veterinary drug options. Unfortunately it is illegal for manufacturers to tell you about them unless they have spent a huge amount of money getting them licenced. And no horse market is big enough to create any certainty that the firm could ever get its money back.  The really bizarre thing about this is that the products that can solve allergies the positive way are perfectly legal. They are almost always made from nutritional ingredients that have been approved for safety by large organisations like the European Union or the Food and Drug administration in the USA. They are by and large far safer that powerful but biologically disruptive drugs like steroids.

Actually it makes far more sense to support the immune system and allow the body to deal with the problem itself. In most cases there is no need to identify the allergen – the immune system will do that for the animal. So expensive testing isn’t needed. And nutritional products made with pre-approved ingredients that almost always exist in nature are far less likely to cause side effects than drugs that, for patent reasons, are almost always molecules that don’t exist in nature.  Here are some of the nutrients commonly used in immune supporting/allergy fighting nutritional products:

• Yeast extracts containing Beta Glucans and other immune support ingredients, for example Fight Back from EquiFeast

• Anti-oxidants like vitamin E and vitamin C 

• Other non-vitamin anti-oxidants (there are scores of them available to feed companies)

• Herbs like Echinacea

We believe that unnatural molecules (like steroids) should be regulated and have to prove their safety and efficacy – especially if they are designed specifically to disrupt the normal functioning of the animal. In contrast nutritional products that are made of natural ingredients and that support normal function should be legal – in fact they are legal but telling you what they do is illegal. And, equally importantly, manufacturers and marketers should be perfectly able to tell you all about them. Currently that is not the case in Europe. Just for telling you what a product may do the supplier could go to jail for 2 years. This seems a little heavy handed for someone who is improving the welfare and often saving the life of an animal.  Because this web site does not mention products it can legally show you what nutritional products have achieved. So here are some “before and after” pictures and some customer testimonials with product names removed:

Story 1

Before picture
Horse allergies

After picture
Horse allergies

I'm not sure if it could be classed as an allergy but the same day that we picked this mare up (Goldie), we noticed she had rubbed all the hair from her face, neck, poll, shoulders and tail. Her previous owner said she had been attacked non-stop by Buffalo Flies as they had two years of almost solid rain! We felt so sorry for her, not only was she that stressed but extremely itchy. Her eyes were another story, we spent the first two weeks bathing her eyes as she could barely open them as they were so swollen and weeping with tears.

After 2 weeks we called a vet, he said if it wasn’t an allergy to her environment it would be small worms in her eyes from the Buffalo flies bombarding her! We wormed her again instructed by the vet each week for 3 weeks and applied cream, it took a good two weeks but they became 99% better, although she was still constantly continuing to scratch her neck etc for the first few weeks of her arrival.

Trevor Wozencroft asked if we'd like to try the (immune system aid product) that he sells. We've had her on it since 1/2/13. In this time we've had endless rain and the Midges have become unbearable driving all the horses mad! We've been spraying them with anything we can, to just give them some kind of relief. They all have bites, but we noticed that even though this mare 'Goldie' has bites on her neck, where the neck rug stops and some on her face, she has not been scratching!

Her coat looks 90% better than it did when she arrived as the hair has almost all grown back! We also love this powder and trust it will be a brilliant product in the future.

Story 2

Before picture
Horse allergies

After picture
Horse allergies

Still only a young horse, Gunner was suffering with warts on his face, legs and genitals and no treatments seemed to be working. 

The vets said that Gunner appeared to have “baby warts” which normally is fought off by the immune system and the body becomes immune to future attacks.  However, Gunner’s were just not going and he had suffered with them for over a year!
Niki decided to give and immune system aid product a go.  It took a number of weeks for Niki to see a change in Gunner’s warts, so upon speaking to (a supplement company), Niki upped Gunner's supplement dose to five times the recommended level to give her boy’s immune system the boost it needed.

The results were unbelievable – Gunner is now wart free for the first time in a year:

“Gunner’s warts are changing, there is a huge improvement. We are very happy with the outcome.  This miracle simply occurred whilst I was in St. Lucia and I am delighted. This has really impressed me, as we have handled this entirely with your supplements and a course of injections!”

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Horse allergies
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