Energy Balancing

Kindly written by Sean Redmond

I’m an energy healer and bioresonance practitioner and I’d like to introduce you to a complementary therapy product for horses. It’s called Horsifi and is a small tag that attaches to a bridle or saddle. This could offer a drug-free, natural alternative to horse calmers and is the world’s first bioresonance tag developed specifically for horses.
The Horsifi is imprinted with bioresonance patterns (which can be thought of as being like frequencies) that are designed to counter stress and anxiety and to restore calm and balance, allowing the body’s natural rebalancing processes to function unhindered. The patterns have been carefully selected and developed in consultation with a UK vet with an international reputation for working with complementary therapeutic approaches.
Through the principle of resonance, if the horse resonates with a particular pattern, its energy systems are thought to recognise and ‘read’ the pattern, similar to how a tuning fork will start to vibrate in harmony with another tuning fork vibrating at the same note without any physical contact between them.
Like humans, animals are believed to have subtle energy systems and when those energy systems are blocked, stressed or not flowing properly it can cause feelings of imbalance and affect mood, behaviour and well-being. A bodily system is always naturally trying to bring itself back into balance (homeostasis) but sometimes it needs a helping hand, which is where bioresonance technology can come in useful.
If something is out of balance in the energy systems, the complementary re-balancing pattern in the Horsifi is available to encourage the energy systems back to a balanced state. You could see the bioresonance patterns as ‘reminders’ of the balanced state to help the energy systems get back there.
As well as the unique bioresonance patterns, the Horsifi has the added benefit of being infused with the semi-precious stones tourmaline, germanium and titanium, which naturally emit negative ions that are believed to have a beneficial effect by neutralising positive ions found in the environment. Tourmaline is also a natural source of far infrared rays and it radiates a frequency within the alpha brain wave range (alpha waves are the brain waves present when in a relaxed state).
I don’t make any health-related claims as bioresonance is a complementary approach and is not a substitute for professional veterinary advice and treatment, but bioresonance is widely used for people, animals and plants as a method to support natural self-healing processes and you can find lots of information online about the beneficial effects reported by people using it.
The Horsifi is made of high-quality silicone and is hypoallergenic,
waterproof, lightweight and durable. It comes with a 30-day no-quibble money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence and if you don’t feel that your horse has benefited or if you’re not happy with the product for any reason, simply return it for a full refund.
The Horsifi costs £49.97 and there are 3-for-2 bundle deals available. Please
click here to purchase or to read more details and verified customer reviews.

Energy balancing products are also available for cats, dogs and humans! Horses are sensitive and can pick up on subtle signals in people’s energy fields, so if your energetic state is imbalanced or stressed this can affect your horse (as well as other people around you). You might be interested in the stress relief wristband for general energy balancing or the


meditation wristband as an aid to relaxation or for easier access to deeper meditation.

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