Equine Intimate Body Wash

How to perform an “Equine Intimate Body Wash”.
Prior to washing your horse/pony, it is advisable to have all the following equipment close to hand: Surgical gloves, 3 or more buckets of clean warm water, 1-2 small towels or flannels and 2 clean sponges.
If you have not washed the external genitalia before, or they are a youngster and it is their first time, be aware of how quickly they may try to kick out. I would recommend that you wash other areas of their body first, as this will give you a good indication of their reaction and relationship with your handling of them. 
Always use disposable surgical type gloves, as they are less cumbersome than thick house hold gloves and will be easier for you to work quickly and effectively, especially when cleaning the male horse. Never use the same sponges, towels or gloves on another horse because of the risk of cross infection. The use of different colour sponges will avoid this happening. Always wash their rectums last.
The Mare
Tie your horse up with a hay net, as this will keep her occupied whilst you are at the other end. Dampen the first sponge, pump
2in1 Equine Intimate Body Wash onto it and offer it up to her nose to smell it. Horses love the smell of pure essential oils. They should quite happily let you work on them once they are aware of what you are applying. Do not use perfumed shampoos on intimate areas as this can easily irritate the skin.

Starting with the teats, gently wipe them all over and the surrounding area. If the teats are very dirty, use your fingertips to judge when sufficiently cleaned. Rinse the sponge in the first bucket and wipe over again. When clean, take the second sponge, dip it in the second bucket of water and wipe over again until no sign of body wash is visible. Use a clean soft flannel or towel and gently dry. 
Moving onto her vulva, you can use the same two sponges in the same order, but ensure the water is clean before proceeding. Work around the vulva area with the first sponge but do not work the product internally. When you are satisfied it looks clean, proceed to clean the underside of the tail and then the rectum. Do not move the sponge back down to the vulva area once it has cleaned the rectum. Proceed with your second sponge and a clean bucket of water, cleaning the vulva area first, removing all of the product. Repeat on underside of tail and lastly the rectum. When clean, gently dry the areas off with a flannel or towel.
Follow first paragraph as for the mare.
Pump a small amount of product (you can always add more) on a pre-dampened sponge. Starting with the external genitalia, gently insert your hand/fingers with the sponge into the sheath, wiping around to enable the product and sponge to loosen the smegma (these are dried excretions and usually come away quite easily). From personal experience, I would let him smell the dirty sponge at this stage. Once he has smelled it, he should be quite happy for you to carry on without a fuss.
Put the sponge back into the first bucket. Then insert your hand/fingers (depending on the size of the animal) back into the sheath and gently remove the smegma. Now wring the sponge out, put it back into the sheath and wipe around. This may have to be repeated several times. Then using a clean sponge and water, wash the area until all the product and smegma has been removed. Dry the area using a flannel or towel.
After you have completed this, it would not be unusual for a horse to extend his penis. If he does this, do not apply a soapy sponge to it, as he may quickly retract it, leaving you the problem of rinsing the product off again! Instead, be ready with a clean sponge and water and quickly wipe down his shaft. Lastly clean the underside of his tail and then the rectum. You will probably need more fresh buckets of water for a male horse. 
Generally, intimate areas do not need frequent cleaning. You will see when grooming if they require attention, especially when the mare is in season or the male horse is urinating and has smegma on his shaft.
Equine Intimate Body Wash from
Stable Environment Limited contains gentle cleansing agents, blended with Lavender and Tea Tree pure essential oils. They will both cleanse and soothe delicate external genitalia areas and it is an ideal all over body wash for horses with sensitive skin, such as Sweet Itch, or for those with a nervous disposition. When rinsed off the beneficial effects of the essential oils remain. Foam boosters have not been added minimising rising off time.

Written by
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