Feed Balancers

It's important to make sure that, as the quality of pasture and forage is decreasing, we provide the extra vitamins and minerals that may be lacking from the natural diet. Below, a table has been created on all the information gathered from the internet on current vitamin and mineral feed balancers. It shows a comparison of ingrediants and their cost per day. We've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to compare current feed balancers out there at the moment in order for you to keep a fit and healthy horse with good coat and hoof quality without breaking the bank! 

Why is vitamin a important? 
Vitamin a is important in the horses diet for several reasons. We know that vitamin a plays an important role in the horses vision. It combines with a protein called Ospin to produces part of the visual pigment called rhodospin. Rhodospin reacts to light - enabling your horse to see. As well as sight, vitamin a is also important for immune function, healthy bones and teeth and is also essential for reproduction.

Why is vitamin e important?   
Vitamin e if the important vitamin in the body that protects cells. According to Frank, R Keilly (Hollistic Horse) - horse's do not make Vitamin E, therefore daily sources of Vitamin E are required on a daily basis to maintain the right blood and tissue levels to help protect cells throughout the horses body.