Horse Calmers

What is in your horse’s calmer?
At this time of year when the nights are longer and hacking is restricted for the majority, there are always at least a few horses that just can’t cope! It is at this point that we will often turn to calmers, just to help take the edge off and make things a bit more manageable. So I have written this piece to try to help prompt you into thinking a bit more about what is out there on the market.
Now, when it comes to calmers, the market is more like a minefield than anything else. Following a short googling session, I managed to quickly compile a list of 20 companies that provide calmers*, which were making an average of 1.85 calmers each (37 in total)! With this many calmers on the market, you would expect that there would be a wide range of different ingredients – because what would be the point in them all being the same? So I decided to run through the ingredients of each one, to check out my theory and see what the most popular ones were, I have put my findings in the table below.
My Conclusions

Magnesium (regardless of form) is the most common ingredient, and likely to be used multiple times by the same company. Does this just mean that magnesium is really good? – Or could it also be that a lot of calmers closely copy others on the market making them all too similar?
Herbal ingredients are, in general, a little less popular than non-herbal ingredients. Personally I feel that this is due to the smaller number of herbal companies in the mainstream market, but it could also be linked to the number of competitive horses on calmers – for example Valerian is a banned substance.
Calcium – despite being a nutrient causing a lot of debate recently, almost a quarter of the more common calmers include it and this is across a 5th of the companies supplying calmers. So is it really all as bad as some companies are making it out to be?
So even after that – it is still a minefield - but I hope that I have achieved my goal in prompting you to look at the ingredients list before you buy your next calmer. If it’s not working, is another one with almost the same ingredients in really going to help? – I cannot answer this question for you, the people that can are out there, on the advice lines.
Below is a table showing the 10 best calmers, when looking at lowest daily cost, that I looked at in my review (only 1 per company has been allowed), as well as what they have listed as their key or most abundant ingredient. 
*This has only looked at long-term calmers.